Construction Lawyer Adelaide Services

In our 10+ years of Construction Law practice, it’s likely we’ve dealt with a matter similar to yours. Every day, we help resolve contractual disputes, building disputes, and payment disputes between builders, contractors, and homeowners.

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Here are some of our Adelaide Construction Lawyer services:

cla services construction contract lawyer

Construction Contracts

We give expert legal advice on your building contract even before you sign. We review your building contracts to make sure that you won’t encounter future legal issues. Also, we can help draft any type of construction contract that you may need for your project.

Building Dispute Lawyer

Whichever way you choose to resolve your building dispute, we can guide you through it. We give legal assistance in matters lodged with the Consumer and Business Services (CBS), South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT), and the courts.

cla services building dispute lawyer
cla services security payments lawyers

Security of Payments Lawyer

Whether you’re a builder, contractor, or subcontractor, you can count on us to help you enforce your right to be paid under the Security of Payment Act.

We can help you manage progress payments, prepare payment claims, and represent you at adjudication or court for debt recovery, if it comes to that.

Construction Lawyer Adelaide is operated by Contracts Specialist Building Solicitors and Attorneys.

Being specialist construction lawyers, we deal with Building Disputes, Construction Contracts,
and Security of Payment on a day-to-day basis.