Construction Lawyer and Building Contract Solicitor Adelaide, South Australia

Construction Lawyer and Building Contract Solicitor Adelaide, South Australia

Why Choose Construction Lawyer Adelaide?

Construction Lawyer Adelaide is founded and led by a Principal Lawyer who has over 10 years experience in Construction Law, contract review, debt recovery, building dispute resolution, and commercial litigation.

The firm has a wide client base that includes homeowners, builders, contractors, strata, developers and others in the construction industry.

Adelaide construction lawyers possess the skill set, efficiency, and expertise needed to secure a satisfactory outcome for their clients’ matter, within a quick time frame, and for a reasonable cost. This is why we are touted as one of the best construction lawyers in Adelaide.

Construction Lawyer Adelaide Services

Construction Contracts

  • Contract Drafting
  • Contract Review & Advice
  • Contract Administration
  • Legal Advice

Building Dispute Resolution

  • Legal Advice and Representation
  • Breach of Contract (Defects, Variations, Delay)
  • Termination of Contract

Our Clients​

Home Owners

  • Building Contract Review
  • Legal Advice
  • Building Contract Disputes
  • Magistrates Court and District Court Litigation


  • Debt Recovery
  • Legal Advice
  • Contract Drafting
  • Contracts Advice

Small Builders

  • Contract Drafting
  • Legal Advice
  • Building Disputes
  • Court Representation
  • Debt Recovery

Why Choose Construction Lawyer Adelaide as Your Building and Construction Lawyers

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Construction Lawyer Adelaide
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Construction Lawyer Adelaide is the Construction Law Firm for Homeowners, Contractors, and Small Builders in South Australia

We give practical advice on legal matters.

We communicate clearly and simply. We ensure you understand your contract and your risks, so that you can make informed decisions.

As Construction Law specialists, we have the skill set and expertise to help you through every stage of the construction life-cycle - from the contracting stage to dispute resolution, and litigation at Court.

We are responsive and understand the urgency with advising you. You will work directly with our Principal Lawyer throughout your matter. Our wealth of knowledge and experience allows us to offer fixed-fee pricing options.

Your Next Steps

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Step 1: Book Your FREE First Consult

Click on the button below to book your free first consult with our Principal Lawyer, John Dela Cruz. You will be directed to answer a quick questionnaire so John can learn more about your matter.

First consult, free.

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Step 2: Document Review

Send us a copy of the relevant document and paperwork so we can go over them thoroughly, and determine where you stand legally.

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Step 3: Quotation and Agreement

You will receive a Cost Disclosure before we agree to enter into a formal engagement. We are transparent about our fees and there are no surprise charges. We offer fixed fee options as well as a no-win, no-pay option for select services.

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Step 4: Legal Advice

A formal engagement allows us to dispense specific legal advice and help you make an informed decision on what course of action would benefit you best.

Meet Our Principal Lawyer

John Dela Cruz
Principal Lawyer

John Dela Cruz is the Principal Lawyer of Construction Lawyer Adelaide.

In 2011, John established operations in key Australian cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. The firm has since expanded to Adelaide and Hobart, as it continues to widen its reach across Australia. 

He brings with him extensive, invaluable experience culled from years of serving in leadership positions in the construction industry. 

His previous roles include Divisional President and Councilor at Master Builders Association (NSW), Corporate Legal Counsel of a Dow 30 construction company, and Government Solicitor.

John is also the founder of Small Builders, a software designed to help builders and tradespeople run efficient, profitable construction businesses. John is committed to delivering cost-effective, accessible, and innovative solutions to clients.

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